Moet het nog gezegd… er is maar één zoals Regi en zoals Regi is er maar één. Met zijn dance-formatie Milk Inc verkocht hij reeds 21 keer het Sportpaleis uit. Van Ibiza tot Berlijn, van Hasselt tot Oostende, Regi is een graag geziene gast in zowel binnen- als buitenland.

Regi’s stijl is een mix van trance, vocals, house, groove, 2Step en R&B. Samen met enkele DJ’s en de eigenaar van de Illusion richtte Regi ook het platenlabel Art Group Music (AGM) op. Daarnaast startte Regi zijn eigen label Sookie (neverending beats). Geregeld is hij voor dit label als geluidsingenieur of producer aan het werk. Regi heeft ook z’n eigen radioshow ‘Trance N Dance’ die hij zelf producet en presenteert. Nog een bezigheid is het maken van remixes. Zo maakte hij al remixes voor artiesten als Duran Duran, 2 Unlimited, Boney M,… en daarnaast mixt hij natuurlijk ook heel wat compilatie-albums zoals Trance N Dance en International Tuning sounds. We moeten het dus niet herhalen: 'Er is er maar één...'


The #1 Belgian female deejay duo 2EMPRESS consists of two fizzing femmes fatales: Charline and Justine. 2EMPRESS originates from Antwerp, Belgium’s fashion capital and hotbed of various international artists. What unifies Charline and Justine is their insatiable hunger for electronic music.

They started feeding this hunger in 2012 by taking their first steps into the professional Belgian music scene. Their national breakthrough followed a year later with performances in exclusive clubs such as Carré, Noxx and Gotha. 2EMPRESS got large-scale international attention in 2014, with nonstop plane flights taking them from Europe to Brazil, Mexico, Curaçao, Costa Rica, Dubai and Israel. Wherever 2EMPRESS goes, their image of electrifying energy, unique personal style and deep understanding of electronic music precedes them. Their magnetic and upbeat stage presence has already culminated into the most prestigious dance music festival worldwide: Tomorrowland.


From the clubs in Antwerp to the world stage, this is one dj you need to keep an eye on. A traveller by heart, Makasi explores different genres and innovates, mashing everything creatively, never ever falling into the trap of cliché mixes. He combines the odd and unlikely into well-crafted sounds, entertaining and amazing. In doing so, he catapults the crowd in a raving frenzy again and again.

Makasi has a long history at the turntable. As an eight year old he was already making mix tapes for friends using two walkmans (yes, that far back!). It wasn’t long before he started entrancing the dance crowds in Antwerp. Noxx, Versuz, Carré and Culture Club were a few of his regular spots. His reputation as an innovator spread like wildfire and soon he was setting clubs ablaze around the world. Jimmy Woo in Amsterdam, Queen Club in Paris, Armani Club in Dubai, the Fashion Week parties in New York, and Tomorrowworld in Atlanta. He performed at some of the biggest clubs any dj would love to include in his bio. While spinning around the globe, he shared the stage with top artists such as Flo Rida, T-Pain, Nicole Scherzinger, Wil.I.Am., 50 Cent, N.E.R.D., Ne-Yo, A Trak, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, R3hab, Sebastian Ingrosso so keep an eye out for him!


FREAQUENCY, aka Simon De Cock, is een 21-jarige DJ uit het Gentse. Van jongs af aan gepassioneerd door muziek besloot hij op 16-jarige leeftijd een kinderdroom waar te maken: 'DJ worden'. Hierin slaagde hij verrassend goed! In de zomer van 2012 won hij MNM Start To DJ, tot op heden 1 van de belangrijkste Belgische DJ contests. Dit was als het ware een echte doorbraak, in 2013 stonden er meer dan 150 bookings op de teller en hij zorgde ervoor dat FREAQUENCY een bekende naam werd in het allround DJ circuit.

In 2014 verwezenlijkte hij zijn ultieme doelstelling als DJ, hij kreeg de kans om zich te bewijzen op 's werelds bekendste dance festival, Tomorrowland. De voorbije 2 jaren gingen als een sneltrein voorbij. Met jaarlijks meer dan 200 bookings waaronder Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, Summerfestival, Hype-O-Dream, Dance-D-Vision, Marktrock etc. gaat het nog steeds hard voor deze youngster.

Daarnaast draait tot op heden nog steeds als 'Huis-DJ' bij de nationale radiozender MNM. FREAQUENCY staat gekend voor een vloeiende mix van alle mogelijke genres waarin herkenbaarheid een rode draad vormt. Met een enorme schijvenkennis kan zich aanpassen aan elk publiek, gegarandeerd een feest! No genres, just party!

Lester Williams

Lester William Senior was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. Music was always around at home because Lester’s father, Dave, is a dedicated jazz musician. In 2004 Lester followed the family musical tradition in his own way. “I want to be a DJ/entertainer”, he decided. While still at school he invested in his first DJ gear with money earned from a vacation job.

In 2015, Lester collaborated with the world famous DJ Juicy M for a club/festival track called "Reckless (ft Temmpo)". He's also the mastermind of "Halcyon", a collaboration with 2Empress (Belgian's #1 female DJ duo). In the summer of 2015, he released "We Belong" together with one of his best friends DJ Dimaro. The vocalist of We Belong & Halcyon is also the vocalist of Nicky Romero's recent bangers "Warriors" & "Lighthouse".

In September 2015, he released "When It Comes To Love" with Belgium's nr1 commercial DJ Regi. The vocal of this track is provided by the American "Patti Russo". She has built up a reputation, sharing the stage with "Meatloaf" from" Paradise By The Dashboard Light" and with the world famous, legendary "Queen". Being a professional DJ for over 11 years now, Lester Williams has built up some experience. He has played 5 times at Tomorrowland & did the support act for the queen of pop "BEYONCE" (Sportpaleis). He appeared on massive festivals such as: Summerfestival/Laundry Day/Dance D-Vision/Ostend Beach/Sunset Festival/Sunrise Festival/Daydream/Wave Street Festival/Lollipop Beach/...

Lester Williams is a proud resident in 3 of Belgium's leading clubs (all over the country). He spends most of his fridays at "The Villa Antwerp", by far the hottest club in Antwerp. "Carré" (Willebroek/Brussels), the best club in Belgium for over 24 years, is Lester's playground on saturday nights. The weekend ain't over till sunday... Where you'll find him rocking club "Diedjies" (Kuurne/West Flanders).

With the slogan “NO RULES”, Lester wants his audience to know that there are no limits. The message is very clear... ‘Hold onto your seats’ if you find yourself at any event where Lester Williams is performing!

Yves Deruyter

Yves Deruyter started his DJ career in 1985 and has played in Belgian clubs such as Globe, Barocci, Cherrymoon, Extreme, Carat, BBC, and La Rocca. In 1991, like so many DJs, he also started an artist career. Since then he has been signed to Bonzai Records. His first single "Animals" became a big club hit in Belgium. At this stage people started watching artists like Yves Deruyter for playing on big raves such as Mayday, Energy, Love Parade, Street Parade, Nature One, Trance Energy, Mystery Land, Inner City, Sensation Black, Dance Valley, Groundzero, Frequence, Decibel Outdoor, Defqon 1, Gatecrasher, I love Techno, Antwerp is Burning, City Parade, and Tomorrowland.

With his second single he made a big jump into the German market. "Rave City" became a big success with more than 50,000 records sold. The follow-up "Calling Earth" was again a success with 70,000 singles sold. All this was the start of a successful story. "A Story About House" was to be the next Cherrymoon Trax single, but due to problems with the club it was changed into a new Yves Deruyter single. Unfortunately this single did not achieve any breakthroughs. Nevertheless, his follow-up single, "The Rebel," was immediately signed for the world. "The Rebel" was a top tune and the real international breakthrough for Yves Deruyter. This single was also signalled the arrival of his first album, D-Album, containing all the singles from past and future. During this period he also started the musical outlet of the Cherrymoon where he was playing. So far he made four Cherrymoon Trax singles of which the first, "The House of House," and the last single, "In My Electric House," were likewise successful in Germany.


DJ Wout started his career in the Belgian clubscene in 1995. As a resident in both afterclub Carat and tranceclub Illusion, he spread the trance-sound of the late '90's throughout the clubscene. Being a guest in every major club in Belgium, from La Rocca to Extreme, from Cherry Moon to Lagoa, he earned his place amongst the best dj's Belgium has ever known. He got voted Best National DJ on the 2005 TMF Awards.

In the year 2000 he started his pop/dance-band called "Sylver". What started out as a friendly collaboration, turned out to be a worldwide succes. 10 years later, Sylver has released 5 albums on a global scale, selling nearly 2 million copies. They received several TMF Awards, German Dance Awards, and more. As the songwriter and co-producer of Sylver, he has hit the decks worldwide, from Moscow to Capetown, from Shanghai to Chicago, keeping the true DJ-spirit alive: let's get this party started!


Neon, real name Stijn D'hont,was born in Destelbergen, near Gent in 1985. Destelbergen was known for the "Boccaccio Life", the famous new beat temple in Belgium. Living that close to this extraordinary club changed his way of living: it's the music that counts. In 1995, at the age of 10, he started buying vinyl. In those days Phiphi, Yves Deruyter & Marko were his big influences...

After organizing his own parties, Mike Thompson offered him a dj set @ the legendary Cherry Moon in lokeren. His first clubgig at the age of 15! Nowadays Neon is also know as one of the Ghent Bangers. He also playing in clubs and festivals (Tomorrowland,...) all over the world !


X-TOF is a Belgian DJ, producer and radiohost with bookings at the biggest clubs, parties, proms & festivals. He is known for his uplifting, energizing and pumping DJ-sets and always knows how to get the party going.

X-TOF also hosts his own radioshows & mixsessions on Belgian dance station TOPradio and produced some big hits already. His latest tracks were dropped by Ummet Ozcan, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiesto, Yves V and many more in their radio shows. This year he will bring you the best RETRO sounds and EDM !!

MC Pyro

One of Belgium's most promiment and active MC's. As a versatile MC, there's no stage where he doesn't feel at home! Hyping the crowd with energetic performances and making sure that everyone is having a good time are a few of the pillars that drive this MC. With performances on Tomorrowland, Summerfestival and many more - this youngster will invite YOU to join him on a magical journey into sound.

As he would say it himself; Welcome to... #Pyrodise.


Deze lokale held is er ook dit jaar opnieuw bij en dit als opener van het Festival! In het verleden was deze dj resident in danscafé’s zoals er zijn Moorea, t’Hooghuys, fuiven, feestjes, ... Met een mix van hedendaagse dance muziek, r&b, hip-hop en dance classics, weet hij elk publiek in beweging te brengen!



Supervision Festival is een dance-festival dat voor de vierde keer plaatsvindt op het Generaal Maczekplein 5 (Parking Europahal) in Tielt. Tal van DJ's brengen er de beste dance-hits, retro-classics, dé toppers uit de 90's!
Dit jaar gaat het festival door op 6 augustus 2016. Het Supervision festival start om 16u en eindigt om 2u.


We vertrouwen erop dat de huisregels van Supervision nageleefd zullen worden en dat je aanwijzingen door of vanwege de organisatie en/of het bevoegd gezag opvolgt. Mensen die zich niet aan de regels houden, kunnen de toegang door de organisatie ontzegd worden zonder teruggave van entreegelden en/of andere vorm van compensatie.


Enkel e-tickets aangekocht via de website of zijn geldig als toegangsbewijs. Aangekochte kaarten worden niet teruggenomen. Bij vaststelling van onrechtmatigheden en/of valse tickets, ziet de organisatie zich genoodzaakt aangifte te doen bij de politie!


Zich begeven op het festivalterrein van Supervision, geschied op risico van de bezoeker. Supervision is in geen geval verantwoordelijk/aansprakelijk voor schade of letsels opgelopen tijdens het festival.


Er geldt een minimumleeftijd van 18 jaar. Toeschouwers kunnen bij het betreden van het festival gevraagd worden zich te legitimeren door middel van hun identiteitskaart.

Gebruik van alcohol

De organisatie van Supervision staat voor een verantwoord alcoholgebruik en er geldt een nultolerantie bij het gebruik van drugs!


Ook voor geweld geldt een nul-tolerantie, personen die geweld gebruiken worden onmiddellijk van het festivalterrein verwijderd!


VIP’s staan op het VIP-podium waardoor je zo een mooi overzicht krijgt. Dit podium is voorzien van een aparte bar met bediening. Je kunt er genieten van verzorgde hapjes en fingerfoods, drank worden geserveerd in glas en er is sterke drank verkrijgbaar. Hiernaast staan tal van tafeltjes + barstoelen opgesteld tussen de palmbomen waardoor het er zeer aangenaam vertoeven is! Ook het aparte toilet/sanitair die grenst aan het vippodium wordt ten zeerste geapprecieerd!




Parking Europahal
Generaal Maczekplein 5
8700 Tielt