Praga Khan (DJ-set) 1h-2h

For more then a decade, Praga Khan has moved dancefloors all over the world, first as a DJ, and later as an artist. First in a long series of singles was 'Rave alarm', released in 1991, followed by the smash hit 'Injected with a Poison'. This single was in the UK charts for six weeks and number one in the top 10 Billboard Dance chart in Japan.

Meanwhile Praga Khan and his "partner in crime" Oliver Adams started up a second project, "Lords of Acid". Their debut album "Lust" was released in 1992. Still today, Lords of Acid remains Praga's favourite side project, benefiting from a huge followup in the States with high record sales and a bunch of sold-out tours all across the country.

In 1994, they signed a major record deal with Rick Rubin's American Recordings for the US territory.

Meanwhile, Hollywood started to get aware of their songwritership. After the music they scored in 'Basic Instinct', they were asked to write music for several box office successes such as 'Sliver', 'Bad Lieutenant', 'Strange Days', 'The Spy who Shagged Me' and many more. They even wrote a full album under the name The Immortals for the then #1 video game Mortal Kombat.

As remixers Praga Khan and his team were also very demanded and they achieved remixes for people as various as Jean-Michel Jarre, White Zombie, Alice in Chains, Gravity Kills and more.

In 1998 Praga Khan releases "Pragamatic". After years of success abroad, this album marks the beginning of huge following in their home country. The Praga Khan live set becomes more and more legendary, and twice in a row, they win Belgian music station TMF's "Best Live Act" award. During the summer of 99 Praga Khan performed at some of Europe's biggest festivals, such as Werchter (Belgium), Glastonbury (UK), Bizarre (Germany).

Fall 2004 Praga Khan introduced "The Next Dimension", an ambitious theatre tour, in which they created a platform for the many artforms the band has been connected to over the years. The music of Praga Khan, performed live, in specially adapted versions, many of them with classical arrangements, became the spine of a spectacular perfomance, integrating video-art, ballet, fashion, painting, performing arts and more.

Code Red in 2006 goes on the path further, and brings an enthusiastic Praga Khan to the theater, along with many other artists, dancers and performers. But where The Next Dimension rather dark in the soul of Maurice Engelen brought forward, Code Red also emphasizes the lighter, playful element. A show which, alongside the familiar aspects, also inhabited eg breakdance, acrobatics, a touch of illusionism ...

Following this highly successful theatertour Praga Khan still knows to find time for a new album 'Soundscraper' .

In 2007 Praga Khan returns again to the theaters with the futuristic show “Frame by Frame”. This time Praga integrates cutting-edge technology into the show, leaving his audience in awe for this state-of-the-art performance.

In June 2010, Praga Khan announced that the Lords of Acid project would be touring the US during July and August 2010, bringing along their friends, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, for what was being billed as the "Sextreme Ball". The tour becomes a huge success and Praga decides to compose a new Lords of Acid album, Deep Chills.

In 2011 Ghosthunter Zak Bagans joined forces with Praga Khan to blend together enticing beats and his interactions with spirits to create NecroFusion, one of the most intriguing music releases ever produced.

Romeo Blanco 0h-1h

Christened as future talent, Romeo Blanco has continued to prove himself a worthy new member of Electronic Music Aristocracy.

Bred on the rich vibes of Carl Cox and Frankie Knuckles, his induction into the industry has Sony Music, Spinnin Records and Armada Music alike bowing to the effervescent dialect of his floor-filling studio work. True to his name, Romeo Blanco has successfully seduced the industry with a delectable studio dialect of universal resonance. Nowadays he's well known as an all around music producer and mainstage artist of major festivals, like Tomorrowland, & clubs all around the globe. From Europe to South-America, North-America & Asia, he is turning up the love in every corner of the world.

Where the name ‘Romeo’ beckoned images of abstract adoration throughout history, the life and times of Romeo Blanco culminate from a genuine love of his craft and the dynamic verve to make an audible mark on Electronic Dance Music.

MATTN 23h-0h

Smouldering as one of the hottest, young female artists in the electronic circuit, MATTN is set to inject her own dose of exciting, deep sounds straight into the biggest live club and festival environments.

At 23-years-old, and driven by a relentless hunger for the dance music, the mysterious MATTN is ready to take over with her recipe of arena-worthy beats and techy-tinged melodies. Those combine perfectly to create her own unique flavour akin to the be loved sounds of Ibiza’s underground scene with a mainroom cross over twist, which will captivate audiences the world over.

With the release of "Cafe del Mar 2016" her career is going fast, so we are very proud to have her on the 5th anniversary of Supervision!

Regi 21h-22h

Regi Penxten is a Belgian DJ and record producer, of many dance and trance projects in Belgium, including Milk Inc. and Sylver.

Better known by his mononym Regi, he has released three solo albums, which all reached the top ten of the Belgian album charts: Best Of (2005), Registrated (2007) and Registrated 2 (2010). Regi also had a number of charting singles in the Belgian Ultratop charts and two charting in the Netherlands.

We are very excited to have Regi back in the booth!

Yves Deruyter 22h-23h

Yves Deruyter started his DJ career in 1985 and has played in Belgian clubs such as Globe, Barocci, Cherrymoon, Extreme, Carat, BBC, and La Rocca. In 1991, like so many DJs, he also started an artist career. Since then he has been signed to Bonzai Records. His first single "Animals" became a big club hit in Belgium. At this stage people started watching artists like Yves Deruyter for playing on big raves such as Mayday, Energy, Love Parade, Street Parade, Nature One, Trance Energy, Mystery Land, Inner City, Sensation Black, Dance Valley, Groundzero, Frequence, Decibel Outdoor, Defqon 1, Gatecrasher, I love Techno, Antwerp is Burning, City Parade, and Tomorrowland.

YES, "The Rebel" will join us again for a massive retro set!

Michael Amani & Louis XIV 18h-19h

Michael Amani is a 21 year old all-round deejay who’s not afraid to be innovative. Combining all genres with a commercial and unique touch, this wonderboy has proven he can handle every crowd!

Louis XIV has left his palace in Versailles just to make sure you’ll be having the time of your life.

Combining those guys, all genres and experience on festivals like Laundry Day and Summerfestival, they are the perfect fit for Supervision!

Semmer 17h-18h

Semmer startte zijn carrière op 15 jarige leeftijd. Hij kocht toen zijn eerste platendraaiers om de kneepjes van het vak onder de knie te krijgen. Niet veel later nam hij deel aan DJ wedstrijden en met succes! Hij won tal van wedstrijden en begon zo aan een mooie carrière!

Tegenwoordig is Semmer resident op "Insomnia Nights" in Bocca, draait hij op Lost Memories (NL), Kokorico, La Rocca, Beachland, ... en deze zomer mix hij de plaatjes in elkaar op Supervision!

Michiel Cnudde 20h-21h

Michiel Cnudde, geboren en getogen in het Westvlaamse Waregem, is ondertussen een vaste waarde in het DJ-cirquit.

Aan zijn 15 mixte hij zijn eerste plaatjes in de lokale caféetjes van Waregem en omstreken en binnen de kortste keren werd hij een graag geziene gast op fuiven en in clubs.

Door een onafhankelijke organisatie werd hij, gekozen uit 250 kandidaten, gekroond tot Beste DJ van Vlaanderen.

Tegenwoordig is Michiel een vaste waarde op Hype-o-dream!

Show some love for the one and only Michiel Cnudde!

Dennis Cartier 19h-20h

Dennis Cartier starting off in his hometown of Ardooie, Belgium.

He was always passionated about musiC and ART. He started to play his first DJset at the age of 16 on his own birthday party in his hometown. A year later a classmate brought him in touch with sequencers for producing. He developed his skills and talents. Then the addiction to producing began ...

The first highlight of his career was his release 'OMFG’! The release received some massive international support! 'OMFG' marked the beginning of a rollercoaster ride, bringing him everywhere from the biggest clubs to the festivals in places as Morocco, Bulgaria, Spain, France, The Netherlands and many more.

Dennis Cartier’s his tribal sound makes his fan-base grow. Not only the fans love his music, also some international DJ names ...

With alot of confidence and energy he is more then ready for the future! His sound with Afro & Latin influences is growing more and more! Keep your eyes on this dj & producer because this is a rising star!

DJ Tommy 16h-17h

Deze lokale held is er ook dit jaar opnieuw bij en dit als opener van het Festival! In het verleden was deze dj resident in danscafé’s zoals er zijn Moorea, t’Hooghuys, fuiven, feestjes, ... Met een mix van hedendaagse dance muziek, r&b, hip-hop en dance classics, weet hij elk publiek in beweging te brengen!



Supervision Festival is een dance-festival dat voor de vijfde keer plaatsvindt op het Generaal Maczekplein 5 (Parking Europahal) in Tielt. Tal van DJ's brengen er de beste dance-hits, retro-classics, dé toppers uit de 90's!
Dit jaar gaat het festival door op 5 augustus 2017. Het Supervision festival start om 16u en eindigt om 2u.


We vertrouwen erop dat de huisregels van Supervision nageleefd zullen worden en dat je aanwijzingen door of vanwege de organisatie en/of het bevoegd gezag opvolgt. Mensen die zich niet aan de regels houden, kunnen de toegang door de organisatie ontzegd worden zonder teruggave van entreegelden en/of andere vorm van compensatie.


Enkel e-tickets aangekocht via de website of zijn geldig als toegangsbewijs. Aangekochte kaarten worden niet teruggenomen. Bij vaststelling van onrechtmatigheden en/of valse tickets, ziet de organisatie zich genoodzaakt aangifte te doen bij de politie!


Zich begeven op het festivalterrein van Supervision, geschied op risico van de bezoeker. Supervision is in geen geval verantwoordelijk/aansprakelijk voor schade of letsels opgelopen tijdens het festival.


Er geldt een minimumleeftijd van 18 jaar. Toeschouwers kunnen bij het betreden van het festival gevraagd worden zich te legitimeren door middel van hun identiteitskaart.

Gebruik van alcohol

De organisatie van Supervision staat voor een verantwoord alcoholgebruik en er geldt een nultolerantie bij het gebruik van drugs!


Ook voor geweld geldt een nul-tolerantie, personen die geweld gebruiken worden onmiddellijk van het festivalterrein verwijderd!


VIP’s staan op het VIP-podium waardoor je zo een mooi overzicht krijgt. Dit podium is voorzien van een aparte bar met bediening. Je kunt er genieten van verzorgde hapjes en fingerfoods, drank worden geserveerd in glas en er is sterke drank verkrijgbaar. Hiernaast staan tal van tafeltjes + barstoelen opgesteld tussen de palmbomen waardoor het er zeer aangenaam vertoeven is! Ook het aparte toilet/sanitair die grenst aan het vippodium wordt ten zeerste geapprecieerd!




Parking Europahal
Generaal Maczekplein 5
8700 Tielt

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